The Knowledge



This is a story about nothing in the end but a bad sense of direction.

Some people know the direction they are heading and others don’t.

They just wander in a random way.

As the darkness is closing in and the wind is getting stronger.

Some people will be lost in those woods.

With no specific means of orientation.

They need a map and a compass.

Or a picture and a story.


This lecture will teach you fundamental navigation skills such as the difference between latitude and longitude and how to use a logline properly.

This lecture will get lost in the Hippocampus. That is where most of the navigation in the brain takes place. As well as the memories of everything you ever did in your life.

This lecture will tell you all about The Illusion of Truth effect. Basically that is when you believe something, because it looks familiar.

This lecture will walk on two feet. Measuring our steps and celebrating the fact that we are bi pedals and can carry a bag.

This lecture will walk you through the forest. With the help of Fox Walk and Peripheral Vision you will be taken back to the times of hunters and gatherers.

This lecture will keep looking for Simon Faithful – a person who walks along the 0° meridian line from North to South. I would love to meet him and ask him some questions.

This lecture will discover if every story you ever told was wrong. I’m not sure we will accomplish this, but our goal is to find a story that lives up to our expectations.

This lecture is about the remarkable skills of Navigation that some people have. Like the cab drivers in London. They are the ones that truly have
The Knowledge.

Gunilla Heilborn, now finally on stage herself, takes us through a winding essay on the brain and its ability to navigate in the world. THE KNOWLEDGE – a lecture that will make your brain grow. In a good way. As well as feed you with some great quotes. Don’t miss it.
Premiere 15 October 2015 at Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg.  


The 27 of November at Dansens Hus the show will be in English.

Trailer in English

Trailer in Swedish