Everything you want

”I know a place where everything is yellow and smell of petrol and my grandmothers house is right by the ocean. I wish I was there”

Commissionwork for Zebradans and Gottsunda Dans and Theatre, Uppsala.

For children from the age of 9. Premiere february 2008.

About everything you want to be and all the things you want to do. About sometimes being in the right place but at other times being in the totally wrong place. About longing for a place of ones own where you can be everything that is you. And how can you know which place is the best place? It´s also about wild animals and animals in cages.


Press quotes

”There is only one thing that is wrong with the performance – it ends too fast!”

”It´s an unusually welltuned, balanced and funny performance that gets to you. Characterized by that ingenious naive – or if you want deeply humanistic – intonation that has turned out to be Heilborns hallmark, whatever she works with.”

”When the prizewinning choreograher Gunilla Heilborn makes a performance for children, she chooses wisely an existentially theme for everyone to recognize. That she has a masters ear for an audience of children we all know that have been amused by The Ocean Is Blue (2002) and About The Frog (2006)."