In DANTE we encounter three lost souls in an indecisive comedy of constant wanderings and unreliable guides. A string of songs, text fragments and restrained dance. Like all comedies, DANTE starts shitty but ends well.

In her latest production, Gunilla Heilborn takes an unsuccessful trip to Florence as her starting point, where, on her quest to find Dante, she gets lost, not in a dark forest, but amid all the tourists – who, just like her, shuffle along the winding streets of Florence in pursuit of a bygone time. Some people just don’t want the Middle Ages to end.

Past and present meet in a highly speculative reading of Dante’s eternal questions in a brand new work for three lost souls. Wandering in a constant fog of uncertainty, they find no answers but numerous questions, alternating typical Heilborn humor with seriousness.

Premiere at Dansens Hus Elverket Stockholm  March 7th 2024.